… nnnope. No. I have no energy today.

That’s the lesson from today, I think– sometimes, doing work is like trying to dig a hole through a brick wall by rubbing your face on it. I love this project, and I’m having a kick-ass time working on it, but learning how to cope with a lack of inspiration (or a lack of creative energy in general) is an important part of any project.

And it’s totally surmountable! I’ve learned in a life of creative ebbs and flows, that there are always things you can work on to suit your mood. When you’re feeling a lack of creative energy, I’ve found that it helps to use that crummy energy to address the busy work things you’ve been neglecting in favor of the more exciting parts of the project. 

Today, specifically, we added a bunch of things to our resource library (tutorials, helpful documents, etc.) and went over how we want to approach prototyping. We’d sketched up a goodly number of maps over the past week, so we chose one to build for a prototype. I’m not super familiar with Roblox as a platform, so I grabbed a couple of Roblox Studio tutorials to watch/read over the next week, as we begin to build out the first map. In addition, we thought of ways we could lessen our overall work-load.

That’s another big part of low-energy days. I feel like it’s the sort of mood you can harness to think through “work smarter not harder” scenarios– today specifically, we did some research into asset libraries, to establish what we needed to build and what we could adapt (and what licensing we would need to look into, if necessary.) Especially considering projects that need to work around a particular schedule, I feel like developing efficiency in labor is essential to both keeping a project on track, and keeping it from overwhelming you.

Anyway. That was today. In keeping with the theme, I am going to not write as much. Because dang, man. I have no energy today.

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