All right! We have officially tipped the scales from concept to execution! Today was a pretty short meeting– more or less all we did was go over the last few bits of preliminary design (establish color pallets and design themes for character models, go over models we want to start with, and so on.) So, at the outset, we decided to move from a “weekly update meeting” to a “weekly art-jam style meeting,” where we spend a couple of hours each week just sitting on discord, working on knocking out the actual product. 

It’s always a weird point to get to in any project, I think, when the weight of the work transfers from “thinking about doing something” to “doing something.” No matter how many times I start and finish a project, there’s the same sense of uncertainty about starting. But then, once you start, there’s a huge amount of inertia to carry you forwards. Starting is the hardest part, I think.

With regards to the world-building, we settled on a… more optimistic? end for human life on Earth. Tonally, it seemed more appropriate to have less sturm-and-drang about the circumstances (especially considering the target audience of this game.) Otherwise, got a couple of vermin societies going, and a couple of accompanying aesthetics to center character modelling around. Good times all around!

I’m looking forwards to next week– our first Art Jam style meeting. I love actively working on creative projects with people.

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