What a summer!

Holy cow, it’s been a while! 

It seems like whenever I’m doing a lot of things, the first thing that falls off the plate is updating the blog talking about the things I’m doing. The perennial flaw in the freelancer’s life. It’s been five months? Nearly half a year? since I posted about what I’ve been doing, and in that time, I’ve…

  • Worked on a number of projects, including writing a one-shot mermaid-themed adventure (and the “Feral Mermaid” 5th edition stat-block) for Ginny Di to go along with her new album release (“Songs to Drow Sailors To,” which is the catchiest collection of shanties I’ve personally ever heard)
  • Released a 5th edition Warlock Patron, dubbed “The Lady of the Soil” (again, in collaboration with Ginny Di– what can I say? she’s a really cool person to work with!) If you’re interested, the patron is available for purchase at my store!
  • Speaking of my store, I’ve been working on a release schedule for 5th edition content, including adventures, subclasses, monsters– all that good stuff. If you’re the type to enjoy table-top RPG content, follow along on twitter @itstheinstitute!
  • I took the ‘How to Write Your First Adventure’ class from The Storytelling Collective (formerly the RPG Writer’s Workshop.) Incredibly worthwhile class– not just for how to write an adventure, but also for things like accessibility, industry-standard trade dress, and the differences between Open Gaming License products and those released on places like the DM’s Guild
  • CRYPTID (a game I released about a year ago) has been reprinted in Tabletops & Tentacles! You can check it out in Issue #3– it’s the one with Moth Boy on the cover
  • Last but not least, I’ve been hard at work trying to develop my own setting book, for a wider project that I’m undertaking. In short, it’s a persistent world for 5th edition, with subscription-based content– the idea is for players to participate in an ongoing persistent narrative across the setting, with the community choosing which direction the story takes. I call it an “MMOTTRPG”– a massively multiplayer online table top RPG. The setting itself is in pre-alpha right now, but you can check out the website for updates and progress at this-is-elsewhere.com!

Also, unconnected to anything, I auditioned for a production of Macbeth at a local theater company a little bit ago. I’m going to be Malcom and Murderer #2. This has nothing to do with my writing, but I’m excited anyway.

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