New website layout!

Hello again, you lovely human beings! It’s that time again– time to look back on all of the things that past-me did and put up on the internet, blush, and quickly go through and edit it all with a better set of pictures. And better curation. And a better grasp of what I’m actually doing.

With that in mind, I’m re-launching my site as! The idea is that I have a whole heck of a lot of disparate things in a number of disconnected places across the internet, and I’d like to unify them all under one name. THE INSTITUTE!

Spelled properly, it will always be in caps-lock, with an exclamation point at the end. You pronounce it like any mad scientist would pronounce something like THE INSTITUTE! Preferably with a cackle at the end, during a thunder storm.

Regardless! Here it is, in all its silly glory. It’s always cool to actually take the time to look back and see all of the things you’ve done in the past that you’re… sort of proud of, you know? Dust them off, put them up on display. After a chaotic year (or so), it’s nice to shake it out and get moving again.

So, here’s to THE INSTITUTE!

Published by itstheinstitute

Table-Top RPG designer, freelance writer

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