So I skipped the last devlog. Don’t tell anybody. BUT! To catch you up to speed, we’re off on our way to building a vertical slice of the game! Which is to say, our goal is to have a “finished” arena and character model, along with the nuts ‘n bolts of the gameplay mechanic. AsContinue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 8-13”

NEW RELEASE: The Rot-Eyed Lady

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally put out the first installment in my “Reasons Not To Leave Your Home Tonight” series– The Rot-Eyed Lady! Gross name. I agree. This is a project I’ve been working on since about October of last year. The initial idea is, I really like monsters. So, I thought I’dContinue reading “NEW RELEASE: The Rot-Eyed Lady”


All right! We have officially tipped the scales from concept to execution! Today was a pretty short meeting– more or less all we did was go over the last few bits of preliminary design (establish color pallets and design themes for character models, go over models we want to start with, and so on.) So,Continue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 7-21”


H’oh m’GAAD after no fewer than three other devlog posts saying we were going to talk about world building, today we actually talked about WORLDBUILDING! So we took a break of about a week as other job obligations/projects/clients/etc. reared their head(s), and we returned… Well. Not refreshed, per se, but certainly returned. We returned presently.Continue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 7-9”


ALL RIGHT! YES! OKAY! … nnnope. No. I have no energy today. That’s the lesson from today, I think– sometimes, doing work is like trying to dig a hole through a brick wall by rubbing your face on it. I love this project, and I’m having a kick-ass time working on it, but learning howContinue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 6-25”

Article published in American Epitaph!

It’s always tough to write outside of your typical field. But recently, I tried my hand at political analysis, and HOLY COW I think it went pretty well! If you’re interested in a hot-take on current events, you can check out the article here! Will this be a new angle for my freelance work? WHOContinue reading “Article published in American Epitaph!”

SCAVENGERS Devlog 6-16

No, no, we’re not working on world building. Whoops! My bad. So, what we ended up putting together this week is the final version of the game mechanics that we’re going to try for at the outset (like, the first complete draft of the central game concept,) a process model for how we’re going toContinue reading “SCAVENGERS Devlog 6-16”


ALL RIGHT! A game is taking shape! So this past week, we split to each work on different basic tasks– Blake put together profiles for everything (file sharing, mostly– looks like Drive is going to be a big part of this project), Anne (who is currently teaching an online summer camp for Roblox programming) putContinue reading “UNNAMED GAME DEVLOG 6-9”


Our first meeting went well! The idea is to build a small, bite-sized game (or rather, a student-project-type game) that we can flex our muscles on, and put together as sort of a learning project. One interesting observation, though– there’s a difference in the concept of how long a project like this will take. I’mContinue reading “UNNAMED PROJECT DEVLOG 6-2”

New Project Devlog!

HOLY COW I’m posting a devlog for a new project that we’ve just kicked into gear! A few weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine expressed interest in making a video game. Anne (the person who suggested this initially) is teaching Roblox in a summer-camp type situation, and she thought it’d be fun toContinue reading “New Project Devlog!”