New Release: The Tomb of the Heartless King (A 5e Adventure!)

Hello again, you lovely people! I’m here to happily announce THE INSTITUTE!’s first major release since early September!  “The Tomb of the Heartless King” is a full adventure for 5th Edition, lovingly hand-crafted by our institutional researchers and product developers (which is me, i was both of those things.) Initially stemming from The Storytelling Collective’sContinue reading “New Release: The Tomb of the Heartless King (A 5e Adventure!)”

New website layout!

Hello again, you lovely human beings! It’s that time again– time to look back on all of the things that past-me did and put up on the internet, blush, and quickly go through and edit it all with a better set of pictures. And better curation. And a better grasp of what I’m actually doing.Continue reading “New website layout!”

What a summer!

Holy cow, it’s been a while!  It seems like whenever I’m doing a lot of things, the first thing that falls off the plate is updating the blog talking about the things I’m doing. The perennial flaw in the freelancer’s life. It’s been five months? Nearly half a year? since I posted about what I’veContinue reading “What a summer!”

Check out Rulebook Rock!

At long last, one of my favorite projects has launched! Two-ish years ago, I helped write the lyrics to a parody School House Rock video about creating a Dungeons and Dragons character for professional cosplayer Ginny Di. And the song has launched! You can check out the finished product (as well as all of herContinue reading “Check out Rulebook Rock!”

Holy cow, my first overseas gig!

I just wrapped up work on my first gig paid in British Pounds! What a weird, fun milestone! The project was writing scenarios for a table-top system designed by Dungeons on a Dime, and they were absolutely lovely to work with. You should check out the kickstarter for the project in question, and take aContinue reading “Holy cow, my first overseas gig!”

SCAVENGERS Indefinite Delay (And Subsequent Post-Mortem)

AND LO, it has come to pass. Sadly, and with many lamentations, it looks like the time has come to draw the final curtain over our first attempt at putting together SCAVENGERS. In a turbulent year, we did what we could! But life, as it so often does, happened to happen. One third of ourContinue reading “SCAVENGERS Indefinite Delay (And Subsequent Post-Mortem)”

NEW GAME: Cryptid!

This past month, I’ve been hard at work developing, writing, and producing a new Table-Top RPG! It’s called ‘Cryptid: A Game of Small-Town Monsters‘, and I had an awesome time making it! The game is designed as a collaboration between you and your friends to develop a cryptozoological being to haunt the edges of aContinue reading “NEW GAME: Cryptid!”


So I skipped the last devlog. Don’t tell anybody. BUT! To catch you up to speed, we’re off on our way to building a vertical slice of the game! Which is to say, our goal is to have a “finished” arena and character model, along with the nuts ‘n bolts of the gameplay mechanic. AsContinue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 8-13”

NEW RELEASE: The Rot-Eyed Lady

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally put out the first installment in my “Reasons Not To Leave Your Home Tonight” series– The Rot-Eyed Lady! Gross name. I agree. This is a project I’ve been working on since about October of last year. The initial idea is, I really like monsters. So, I thought I’dContinue reading “NEW RELEASE: The Rot-Eyed Lady”