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As an avid table-top gamer of over 20 years, Lee knows exactly what original content needs to shine its best. Rules-writing, flavor text, world-building and more– anything your project needs, Lee will help bring it to life.

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From the writing desk to the table-top…


For all of the table-top RPG content released under their own imprint, you can check out Lee’s storefront here! Including 5th Edition content, system-agnostic supplements, and monsters galore!

The Cold & Hungry Sea

A 5th Edition companion adventure to Ginny Di’s Songs to Drown Sailors To, published alongside her album of Mermaid-themed sea shanties.

Commission – Spells for ‘Fortune & Adversity’

A freelance commission for Bradson Goldie, creator of the upcoming supplement ‘Fortune & Adversity’. Written in July 2020. Posted here with Mr. Goldie’s permission.

CRYPTID: A Game of Small Town Monsters

Original game designed for 2020’s Folklore Jam on, emphasizing collaborative storytelling and monster creation. Reprinted in Tabletops & Tentacles Issue #3

The Rot-Eyed Lady

The first installation in the “Reasons Not To Leave Your Home Tonight” series; a monster compendium for urban fantasy games. Includes story hooks, tips on running monsters, and investigation notes. Released on August 2020

What Happens On The Road (Supplement)

A supplement designed to help Dungeon Masters build interesting, narrative-centric random encounters for their games. Released on June 2020

Dungeon Master Speaks

A YouTube channel featuring instructional video essays that cover every aspect of Table-Top RPGs, from mechanics to world-building. Featured in VoyageDenver and at Denver Pop Culture Con.

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