New Release: The Tomb of the Heartless King (A 5e Adventure!)

Hello again, you lovely people! I’m here to happily announce THE INSTITUTE!’s first major release since early September!  “The Tomb of the Heartless King” is a full adventure for 5th Edition, lovingly hand-crafted by our institutional researchers and product developers (which is me, i was both of those things.) Initially stemming from The Storytelling Collective’sContinue reading “New Release: The Tomb of the Heartless King (A 5e Adventure!)”

Check out Rulebook Rock!

At long last, one of my favorite projects has launched! Two-ish years ago, I helped write the lyrics to a parody School House Rock video about creating a Dungeons and Dragons character for professional cosplayer Ginny Di. And the song has launched! You can check out the finished product (as well as all of herContinue reading “Check out Rulebook Rock!”