New website layout!

Hello again, you lovely human beings! It’s that time again– time to look back on all of the things that past-me did and put up on the internet, blush, and quickly go through and edit it all with a better set of pictures. And better curation. And a better grasp of what I’m actually doing.Continue reading “New website layout!”

What a summer!

Holy cow, it’s been a while!  It seems like whenever I’m doing a lot of things, the first thing that falls off the plate is updating the blog talking about the things I’m doing. The perennial flaw in the freelancer’s life. It’s been five months? Nearly half a year? since I posted about what I’veContinue reading “What a summer!”


ALL RIGHT! YES! OKAY! … nnnope. No. I have no energy today. That’s the lesson from today, I think– sometimes, doing work is like trying to dig a hole through a brick wall by rubbing your face on it. I love this project, and I’m having a kick-ass time working on it, but learning howContinue reading “SCAVENGER DEVLOG 6-25”

SCAVENGERS Devlog 6-16

No, no, we’re not working on world building. Whoops! My bad. So, what we ended up putting together this week is the final version of the game mechanics that we’re going to try for at the outset (like, the first complete draft of the central game concept,) a process model for how we’re going toContinue reading “SCAVENGERS Devlog 6-16”


Our first meeting went well! The idea is to build a small, bite-sized game (or rather, a student-project-type game) that we can flex our muscles on, and put together as sort of a learning project. One interesting observation, though– there’s a difference in the concept of how long a project like this will take. I’mContinue reading “UNNAMED PROJECT DEVLOG 6-2”

New Project Devlog!

HOLY COW I’m posting a devlog for a new project that we’ve just kicked into gear! A few weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine expressed interest in making a video game. Anne (the person who suggested this initially) is teaching Roblox in a summer-camp type situation, and she thought it’d be fun toContinue reading “New Project Devlog!”